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We are proud to update you with the Dividend Aristocrats performance.  This is a diversified high dividend yielding portfolio that is soon to complete its first years.  It was designed to capture superior total return with the unique combination of growing incomes and high dividend yield (4.22%) combined with strong principal growth.

Durig offers Two additional Dividend Aristocrat portfolios.
Canadian Dividend Aristocrats and the
European Dividend Aristocrats

The performance for almost 1 year has been challenging, with the lifetime return at -.18 percent.  To average well over a flat lifetime, through the COVID 19 market crash where it was down like most of its peers, is a solid performance.  The portfolio had a decline during the pandemic bear market (the first quarter of 2020) of -25.62%. Knowing how America was being completely shut down, and compared to most bench marked portfolios, this a very respectable decline with the portfolio down only -12.13% year to date.

For US investors looking for an above average income generator in good markets and solid principal performance through bad and pandemic markets, this might be the perfect candidate.

What is a “Dividend Aristocrat”?

The Dividend Aristocrat Portfolios (Durig has three very diversified portfolios to choose from) identifies companies growing their dividend, the higher dividend yield is often caused by share price declines. The Dividend Aristocrats select aristocrats out of the S&P 500 companies. The investment approach and our guiding principle is that the global and US business cycles (greatly increased due to US and global riots and unrest in the aftermath of the global pandemic called COVID 19) now see massive swings both up and down, and a rather slow more constant rise and or decline over time. Today one company is out of favor, next year it’s often positioned and priced for a bright future, even though very little has changed.

To us at Durig, buying a high yielding and growing dividend investment when it’s historically low, and selling it when the price moves up and the yield is less, just seems to make good common senses. This portfolio’s primary focus is on high quality, high and growing dividend paying, S&P 500 stocks, which are some of the largest blue chip companies in the United States.


Durig has 4 dogs portfolios to
selects from for example
Dogs of the Dow

Many investors need higher dividend and or income paying investments as they are looking to live a good life as they are approaching retirement, or they are in the golden years. The higher income is often needed to continue their lifestyle.

At Durig this Dividend Aristocrats long-term strategic approach has demonstrated good performance, as our Aristocrats have a proven long term track record, even during the very rough Covid 19 selloffs. To help the overall performance, Durig rebalances quarterly and provides no cost trading to help boost the income stream even more.

Due to the success of the Dividend Aristocrats, Durig has launched two additional aristocrat portfolios that are widely diversified; The Dividend Aristocrats of Europe and Dividend Aristocrats of Canada are built on many of the same sound investment principles, but give unique levels of global diversification.

At Durig we’re proud to provide low cost and easy to set up portfolios that give tax and personal one-on-one service and advantages over most mutual funds and efts.

Dividend Aristocrats Performance – 6-20-20

Dividend Aristocrats

Annual Cost: 0.50% or 1/8 of a percent per quarter.

Average Dividend Yield of About: 4.5 %

Minimum Investment: $15,000

Minimum Holding Period: None

Growth Over Time

Many portfolios claim to provide growth or income, but not many portfolios qualify as blue chip high dividend, growing their dividends every year even through a global pandemic.

J. Randy Durig Founder of Durig


Not only do Durig’s Dividend Aristocrats provide income generation, growing dividends and the ability to grow, they also offer benefits in the realm of significant diversification. These diversified portfolios containing some of your largest American blue chip companies provide the ability to plow through Covid 19-like issues with minimal long term problems.

In today’s corporate culture, often with overpaid CEOs, it’s very nice to see companies that provide and increase their dividend to shareholders as a fundamental approach to their long term planning.


The Dividend Aristocrats has an average dividend yield of 4.22%, and with quarterly rebalancing and increasing growing dividends, it  has the ability to increase income while providing outstanding diversification of capabilities for US citizens. The portfolio also has the very rare potential to produce income, growing dividends, blue chip sized companies, with principal appreciation over time, and we believe those four characteristics along with a very strong start through a very rough economy sets the Dividend Aristocrats apart from most of their peers. Durig’s Dividend Aristocrats is an excellent low-cost solution with professional management and a support team dedicated to helping you reach your income goals.

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